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Buy Skywalker Concentrate UK


Buy Skywalker Concentrate UK

Buy Skywalker Concentrate UK Online. As its name suggests, the potency of the Skywalker strain forces you into a galaxy far, far away.

Color: Lemon Yellow
Texture: Crystallized Honey
Smell: Sweet earthy tones with notes of citrus and pine
Taste: Lemon, Citrus, Sugar
Effect: A wonderful uplifting attitude adjuster, that left my body feeling tingles and my mind happy, energetic, and creative. Excellent for daytime applications.

The Experience:
I hope once you open the lid on this Skywalker concentrate and see the incredible color that accompanies the incredible aroma of light sugar, earth tones, and a little citrusy pine, that you’ll be equally amazed as I was.

Now sitting in the living room, e-nail set to 490°F, I drop a dab the size of two match heads on the nail and begin to inhale, as I do a lovely sugary lemon and citrus flavor glide over my palate and fill my nostrils… so good. I felt physically and mentally “lighter”, physically I felt like I was floating and had greater ease of movement, and mentally it brought me to a better state of mind where I was feeling energetic, less anxious, and very creative. An overall great concentrate for any occasion but I recommend trying daytime applications.



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