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Sonder Blue Dream Cartridge UK


Sonder Blue Dream Cartridge UK

Buy Sonder Blue Dream Cartridge UK Online. A popular hybrid good for a playful social high. Blue Dream provides heightened auditory and visual senses. That dinner party on the moon tonight is looking way more manageable after a few hits of this Sativa-dominant hybrid from California.

Intergalactic mind travel, getting out of your shell, softening your shoulders

Fruity, Earthy, Blueberry

Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric

License: CDPH-10003173

Reach for the stars with this potent and popular strain.

Dosing & Psychoactivity

9 mg CBD – 360 mg THC

Sonder cartridges are bottom airflow and work best with Sonder and most 510 power supplies. If using a power supply made for top airflow cartridges, loosen the cartridge slightly to let air through. Extreme temperatures can cause your cartridge to leak or become inoperable. Optimal temperature for operation is 50°-85°F.


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