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Sonder Gelato Glue Vape Cartridge UK


Sonder Gelato Glue Vape Cartridge UK

Buy Sonder Gelato Glue Vape Cartridge UK Online. A happy hybrid, the perfect companion for trips with friends. Gelato Glue feels like a hug made of sunshine and tastes like happiness. This sunny side up hybrid gives you all the feels of driving down Highway 1 on a pristine summer day.

Late night campfire conversations about the cosmos, trips to the carwash, hot air balloon rides with friends

Sweet, Earthy, Fruity

Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric

Dosing & Psychoactivity
5 mg CBD – 280 mg THC

Sonder cartridges are bottom airflow and work best with Sonder and most 510 power supplies. If using a power supply made for top airflow cartridges, loosen the cartridge slightly to let air through. Extreme temperatures can cause your cartridge to leak or become inoperable. Optimal temperature for operation is 50°-85°F.


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